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make your own live resin vape cartridges

How to make Live Resin vape cartridges

Ever wondered how to make Live Resin vape cartridges by yourself? Follow this technique for great results

One great way you can make your own cartridges using live resin is by spinning the extract in a centrifuge machine.

Requirements for this method:
– Centrifuge machine (can cost £100-£400 for small scale one)
– Centrifuge Tubes (avalible for cheap prices £10 for 50 tubes or so)
– Filter material (45 or 90micron filter bags)
– Vials to store and heat your material
– Heat source, such as ceramic hotplate
– Time to spin can be 40-90mins or more, depending on your setup.
– Time to decarb the diamonds 60-90mins or so.

There is more than one way of achieving this but this technique produces excellent results, and can be done in a home lab setup providing safety is followed at all times.

Note: Centrifuge machines are avalible online such as Amazon, please be aware most will spin around 4000rpm which can produce a lot of noise and heat. Methods to avoid heat build up are explained in the video by cooling the holders first in the freezer.

The video guide below can be followed for a step-by-step method, however note in the video, John uses centrifuge filter tubes, which can be potentially hard to buy and very expensive. So instead of filter tubes like shown in the video, normal centrifuge tubes (without filters) can be used, with your material first placed inside a micron filter bag, and then the lid sealed to trap the bag in place. The spinning force then pushes the terp sauce through the bag, leaving just the white pure THCA diamonds left inside the filter bag.

Yield Calculations:

This method is great for high yield since very little is lost during the process! Especially if the temps are kept low to avoid any evaporation. Tubes for many of the smaller centrifuge machines are very thin, limiting the amount of live resin you can fit in each tube. For a 10ml tube, you might put in around 4g of live resin, which after being spun would yield approx. 2ml terp sauce with 2g THCA diamonds. After decarbing the diamonds would be around 1.8g left or so.
Since the tubes have to be placed symmetrically around the centrifuge you need an even number of them with the same material weight in each.

Thanks to John over at cartandpod for producing this great video guide:

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