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Doteco TIK20 Battery - OLED screen portable charger.


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DOTECO, a company situated in Shenzhen, China, is dedicated to producing top-tier 510 batteries for THC carts and CBD cartridges. Their exceptional devices are crafted from superior quality materials and undergo rigorous quality control tests.

In this review, we will examine the DOTECO TIK20 UK, which is the successor to the TIK10. Despite being fitted with a 0.69″ OLED screen, the TIK20 remains compact, just like its predecessor.

What sets the TIK20 apart is its broader range of voltage outputs. This device allows you to adjust the voltage from 1.8V to 4.2V in 0.1V increments. Additionally, it includes a 15-second preheat mode and a 400mAh built-in battery that can be recharged via Type-C.

If you are currently in the market for a new 510 battery or already own the TIK10 and are contemplating upgrading to the TIK20, this review will cover all of the updates and unchanged features to help you make an informed decision.

Box Contents

  • 1 x TIK20 510 Thread Battery
  • 1 x Type-C Charging Cable
  • 1 x User Manual


  • 400mAh battery
  • Type-C charging
  • 0.69” OLED display
  • 1.8V – 4.2V Output voltage (0.1V increments)
  • 16W Output
  • 15s Preheat mode
  • Auto shut off after 5 Mins of no use
  • Spring-loaded 510 connection

Design & Build Quality

The TIK20 UK , unlike its predecessor TIK10, did not strike me as significantly larger, despite being equipped with the novel 0.69” OLED display screen. At only 10mm higher, the TIK20 is still 61mm tall, 20mm deep, and 20mm wide. Its slight size, which is impressive, is only marginally bigger than my thumb. It is a truly diminutive and tremendously portable gadget without a cart affixed to it. The TIK20, despite being very light, does not feel flimsy or substandard. It has enough heft to convey the impression of grasping an object, without the ponderousness of other 510 batteries. The TIK20 has a tall, squared-off design that differs from the three-sided TIK10. It does not, however, feel notably larger in the palm of my hand. I do find the TIK10’s three-sided form more comfortable to grip, but the TIK20’s design is still appealing.

Gripping the device with three fingers, with my thumb resting on the button on the front side and my index and middle fingers wrapped around the back, was ideal. Holding the TIK20 in this manner feels as though it was intended to be used this way. The button is appropriately sized and in the optimum position. The TIK20 uses the same soft touch paint as the original, which feels pleasant to the touch and has not faded or worn out with use.

Moving on from the general design, let us inspect the device from top to bottom. We will discuss all the new features added to the TIK20 and some of the TIK10’s excellent features that were carried over.

At the top of the TIK20, the 510 connection is slightly recessed into the mod, with the back of the device elevated higher than the front. This recessed 510 connection can prevent your cartridge from breaking while in your pocket. Unlike other devices, which tuck the cartridge into the battery or encase it almost entirely inside the gadget, the TIK20 leaves the cartridge entirely exposed. This slightly recessed 510 design may be utilized to reduce the chance of the cartridge breaking by providing support to the back of the cart.

This elevated portion also serves as an anchor point for a lanyard, included with your purchase.

The TIK20, like its predecessor, has a spring-loaded 510 threaded connection. However, the TIK20 connection appears to be of higher quality than that of the TIK10. The connection features the same four-channel cutouts that allow for airflow when the cartridge is attached. You merely screw the cartridge on to connect it, without the need for magnetic adapters. I prefer this design since most magnetically linked 510 batteries cause the cartridge to jiggle. Instead, this is a more reliable connection that is stable and wobble-free.

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