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A variety of vape pens, including CCELL Cartridges.

Best Equivalents to CCELL Cartridges

With so many options to consider, we have explained the basis of choosing the cartridge that’s right for you here. I use the term ccell cartridges here to refer to ceramic cell or ceramic coil vape cartridge, rather than the original CCELL company who popularised this style of carts. Designs and materials have advanced a fair way in the past few years. Including leak proof press-on style tips. 316 medical grade stainless steel, as well as the option for PCTG moulded plastic carts. We are pleased to offer some of the best selling latest vape cart models to UK based customers.

Coil hardware

All of the vape cartridges provided by UK Vape Carts are utilising Ceramic Coil technology developed by CCELL which is now industry standard for vaping thick oils in cartridges, produced by many established and highly rated Shenzhen suppliers.

This means unlike nicotine vaping, our cartridges do not contain any cotton, which allows much better vaporisation of thick oils.

Using the same supply chain as producers like AVD, we know our coils provided are reliable time after time. Sourced from 10 year+ established vape cartridge manufacturers, using quality medical grade materials.

V4 Range

Our standard range of cartridges. (Known as CCELL cartridgesp by most people due to the popularity of the design started by CCELL). The V4 offers glass body for the cartridge itself. Available with a choice of tip options and sizes

100% Heavy Metals pass. Lead Free.

Options for cartridge tip: White Ceramic, Black Ceramic, Metal and Wood.

Options for sizes in the range: 0.5ml and 1ml

If you are interested in Stainless Steel for the build then you can consider the V4-SS range of carts also.

Stainless Steel

A big improvement over the original CCELL cart is Stainless Steel. Using 316 Stainless Steel for the centre post of the cartridge, this medical grade material passes all heavy metals testing. Can be provided in a rounded or flat tip style.

Stainless Steel has passed all heavy metals tests and is lead free.

Options in the rage: V4-SS , V10-SS, CX1 (2ml size cartridge)

Options for sizes in the range: 0.5ml , 1ml , 2ml

Screw tip vs Push tip

Some vape cartridges offered are screw in style. This allows for a secure seal but requires screwing in, can be also unscrewed if required for topping up the contents for example. Most of our carts are provided in push-tip style.

Push Tip carts are easier to seal, requiring just some force. However once sealed are unable to be re-opened again.

PCTG Carts (V10)

100% heavy metal passed. Best value option, lower than other carts. Stylish design.

Drop damage resistant compared to glass. Press-in childproof mouthpiece.

You can choose the: V10 and V10-S.

Made from PCTG (Poly – Cyclohexylenedimethylene Terephthalate Glycol) plastic which allows them to be fully clear and moulded either in a flat format for a thinner mouth feel. Or a rounded option as preferred.

We have options that combine PCTG tips with either standard (V10 range) or 316 Stainless Steel (V10-S range)

All Glass Vape Carts (VG02)

For a premium touch, how about removing all metal components altogether from the entire cartridge body. The VG02 is a fully glass cartridge, and really displays your oil in a new way. The VG02 is available in 0.5ml and 1ml sizes.

Capacity: 0.5ml, 1ml and 2ml

We provide 0.5ml and 1ml sizes in most stock. We also now have 2ml cartridge. Larger cartridges allow for less wastage since they last the user longer.

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