Energy Terpenes (1ml)


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FX Blends by Terpene Warehouse

Energy terpenes 1ml in glass vial.

Please note: A syringe is required for orders of 1ml size vials due to their small size, the terpenes can be extracted with any size blunt tip needle.

Botanical terpenes from international supplier: Terpenes Warehouse. Imported from California, USA

Great discounts for multiple purchases. Welcome to Mix and Match your flavours.

The essence of vitality often lies in a sensory awakening, a principle perfectly encapsulated by “Energy.” This blend springs to life with an explosion of Pinene, a terpene that evokes the invigorating freshness of pine forests and crisp morning air.

Adding complexity and zest are refreshing minty notes, seamlessly paired with a burst of citrus, to rally your senses and prepare you for the challenges ahead. With each inhale, “Energy” invigorates the body and focuses the mind, becoming your go-to companion for conquering the day with verve and enthusiasm.

Botanical 100% natural terpenes

Why Choose Terpene Warehouse Terpenes?

Terpene Mixing Guide:

-Mix terpenes at between 3% to 10%. Around: 5%7% for Distillate carts, 3% for enhancing Resin carts.

-Can be blended with other terpenes but avoid going over 10% total terpenes in your blend for safety

-Avoid mixing at terpenes at high temperatures over 55°C

-Full mixing guide see here


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