Rest Terpenes (1ml)


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FX Blends by Terpene Warehouse

Rest terpenes 1ml in glass vial.

Please note: A syringe is required for orders of 1ml size vials due to their small size, the terpenes can be extracted with any size blunt tip needle.

Botanical terpenes from international supplier: Terpenes Warehouse. Imported from California, USA

Great discounts for multiple purchases. Welcome to Mix and Match your flavours.

There are moments in life when the soul craves stillness, a respite from the whirlwind of daily hustle. “Rest” has been crafted with this very tranquillity in mind. Central to its composition is Myrcene, a terpene celebrated for its mellow, earthy undertones, invoking a sense of grounding and calm.

Harmonizing beautifully with Myrcene is Linalool, whose gentle floral whispers evoke images of tranquil meadows and peaceful twilight. Together, these terpenes weave an aromatic tapestry of relaxation, delivering a profile that is as pleasing to the senses as it is calming to the spirit. Ideal for moments when serenity is sought after, be it at the end of a long day or in a quiet meditative morning, “Rest” offers an olfactory sanctuary, transporting you to realms of peace and absolute calm.

Botanical 100% natural terpenes

Why Choose Terpene Warehouse Terpenes?

Terpene Mixing Guide:

-Mix terpenes at between 3% to 10%. Around: 5%7% for Distillate carts, 3% for enhancing Resin carts.

-Can be blended with other terpenes but avoid going over 10% total terpenes in your blend for safety

-Avoid mixing at terpenes at high temperatures over 55°C

-Full mixing guide see here


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