FC37 Full Ceramic 0.5ml


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Full ceramic vape cartridge 0.5ml from Boshang, 4th generation ceramic coil, designed for CBD and cannabis oil use, latest generation technology.

1. Capacity: 0.5ml
2. Coil: Ceramic coil
3. Oil hole size: 4 square oil intakes. 4x 1.5 * 0.8mm Designed for thick oils
4. Oil Cup Material: Full Ceramic, Glass
5. Diameter: 11.5mm
6. Hight: 50mm
7. Resistance: 1.4Ω
8. Mouthpiece: Full Ceramic
9. Thread: 510 Thread

*** Stock Update: 1000 units on order, due June 2024***

BOSHANG x Chinese Academy of Sciences

Fourth Generation Microporous Ceramic Coil:Kucoil

Jointly developed and designed Boshang (KU) Technology, and the famous Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Boshang and the famous Chinese Academy of Sciences have jointly created a professional ceramic heating coil, which has fully studied the molecular structure of THC and CBD. The fourth-generation atomizing coil can make the oil atomize more fully and the flavour more pure.
The thccbd cartridge for thick oil-01 (5)

Full Ceramic design – totally free of heavy metals

Premium plump ceramic mouthpiece, brings a luxurious mouth feel

Compared with Boshang FC20, the FC37 is thicker and shorter. More importantly, it has 4 relatively large square holes, which is rare in the field of all-ceramic cartridges, because the processing of 4 holes in ceramics is much more difficult than metal, allowing for better flow even on thicker oils.

Powers FRYD Extracts Vape Cartridges

About Us - FRYD

Boshang proudly power all of Fryd Extracts product line of cartridges and disposable pens!

Click-Lock Tips

These carts feature brilliant press-on Tips. This means you don’t have to screw in your carts after filling. Simply instead push the tip on with enough gentle force (no machinery required) . It’s a one way action. Child proof lock design, no removing after the tip is pressed on. Only push on the tip after filling your cartridge!

The thccbd cartridge for thick oil-01 (6)

Great oil compatibility

It is very suitable for Delta8/D8/9/CBD/ THC Extracts/HHC/THCO/THCP/THC-A/Live resin/rosin/liquid diamonds and other heavy oils, and its 4-hole structure allows the thick oil to atomize at will.

Glue-less design

Our full ceramic cartridges are designed without any glue, often used to seal the base of ceramic cartridges. This provides a much more attractive visual design as well as avoiding any hazards of using glue at all.

Compatible with 14g filling needles for easier filling of thick oils

Product name
Full Ceramic 0.5ml Cartridge
Use for
CBD, Distillate, Extract
Ceramic, Glass, Lead-Free
1.4 Ω
cotton wrapped ceramic coil
Oil hole
4 – wide
Oil hole size
4x 1.5 * 0.8mm
Tank capacity
Product size
Φ11.5(D) x 50(L)mm
6 months
Key words
cartridge, vape cartridge, ceramic cartridge
Immediately cap the cartridge well once filling  finished to avoid leaking

Additional information

Weight 0.01146 kg
Dimensions 6.9 × 1.2 × 1.2 cm


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