CT60 – Wax Cartridges (Pack of 5)



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Box of 5x CT60 Ceramic Wax Cartridges

-Ceramic coil technology

Suited for running wax and other solid extracts directly.

Compatible with almost all wax concentrates; including Live Resin/Rosin, Diamonds, Hash Rosin, Shatter, Budder, etc.

Compatible with all 510 threaded batteries

Simply screw onto your usual vape battery (not included).
Take the top off the cart, and place a reasonable size amount of concentrate into the cartridge itself
Place top back, begin to vape away, start at low power to begin with.
Continue to vape until your extract is all vaporised, at which point you can add more extract as you require and carry on.

A small, simple low power setup for portable extract use. A convenient way to enjoy your extracts.
Flavour and power of this little device is not bad considering its small size and budget price point.

A handy option when out and about, giving good flavour and hit considering how small it is.

Suggest low voltage operation (1.8v – 2v) to avoid burning your extracts.

Dimension: φ11.2*45mm
Quartz coil coil Resistance: 1.2 Ohm
Gross weight: 12g
Build: Ceramic


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