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The DOTECO CBS900 Battery follows the commercial success of the original DOTECO TIK10 and TIK20

Their latest innovation is the CBS900 hidden/stealth CBD Cart Battery. Especially useful in areas you need to be discrete, for example in public, not wanting to draw any attention to what you are vaping. With a design that looks like many other disposable vape devices, its impossible to see you are using your cartridge without opening the device!

With a much larger 900 mAh battery for all day vaping, 5 variable voltage options, drop-proof design, USB-C charging, this is handy battery with a lot of useful features.

Discrete style, for use when out in public, similar appearance to common disposable vapes

Fits most cartridges on the market, Please check if you are using carts longer than 5.5cm as these are not supported by this battery
Important note: Please be aware, all of these styles of battery do not support top-airflow cartridges.
Only carts that pull air from the bottom pin will work, we do not sell top-airflow models on our website so this means all of our cartridges will work with these models, however please double check the size support especially for the taller carts.

Compatible with 0.5ml, 1ml and 2ml+ cartridges.  *cartridge not included
Fits cartridges: up to 55mm tall, and up to 16mm wide.
Top Airflow cartridges are not supported.

Shake to preheat

The shake-to-warm feature on the new DOTECO CBS900 battery is a fun and innovative way to have a clog-free vaping experience. In working mode, just shake the DOTECO CBS900 battery three times to turn on the preheating function, and you can start vaping immediately.

Preheating is especially helpful for those working with thick oils or concentrates. By preheating, you can help prevent oil from clogging the atomizer. This results in a smoother, more pleasant vaping experience.

In addition to being fun and effective, the smart shake-to-warm feature is also incredibly convenient. You don’t have to fumble with buttons or settings, this is a smart battery operated by your puffs.

Smart ON/OFF function

The device uses a multi colour LED to indicate status. Simply puff 3 times quickly on the device to turn on or off. After 15 mins of inactivity the device will automatically shut off.

Drop-Proof design

No more breaking cartridges with drops!! This drop-proof design can withstand drops from many metres onto hard surfaces, protecting the glass cartridges the entire time.

5 output voltage settings

DOTECO CBS900 battery also has 5 different voltage settings (1.8, 2.4, 3.0, 3.6, 4.2V), so you can set the output voltage according to your preference. Whether you like a loose or tight draw, warm or cool vaping, you’ll be able to find the voltage that’s right for you. Simply puff twice quickly on the device to signal a voltage change. The LED will shift colour to indicate the power output.

Different voltage settings are also helpful for those using different types of oils or concentrates. For example, if you are using heavy oil, you may need to use a higher voltage setting to help evaporate it.

Colour Options

Available in:  Black/Cyan-Blue/Rose Red/Yellow/Green!

510-threaded Connections for Cartridges

Auto Shut-off

Automatically shut down after 15 minutes without any operation.

Huge 900mAh Battery

Our highest capacity cart battery we sell!! by more than double the capacity of the next option. Powered by a 900mAh battery, the DOTECO CBS900 battery gives you longer puffing time, all day toking without charging.

Type-C Charging Port

The Type-C charging port is a great feature because it’s more efficient than a traditional micro-USB port. This means you can charge the battery faster and get back to vaping faster.

Sleek, low-profile battery with hidden compartment for your favourite 0.5ml , 1ml, even 2ml cartridge!

The DOTECO CBS900 battery is a sleek and low-profile battery that’s perfect for taking on the go. The battery is small and lightweight, making it easy to carry in your pocket or purse. This is a great way to keep your cart safe and secure and prevent damage to it. Most importantly, it also allows you to avoid the eyes of people around you.

Button Free, no chance of miss fire

Using a button free design means this device is very bag friendly. Its impossible to activate the device by mistake as it requires puffing on to activate. No more buttons being pushed whilst in your bag setting it off by mistake.

Product Features:
Battery: 900mAh
Charging Port: USB Type-C
Size 24*48*94mm
Output: 14w
Variable Voltage: 1.8v/2.4v/3.0v/3.6v/4.2v
Suitable aperture: Fits 16mm / 54.5mm Carts.

Packaging Includes:
2x sealing rubber ring spares


Preheat function not working?

Ensure the device is on and active. This can be done by quickly puffing once on the device, the LED ring should light up. After this, hold the device in your hand knock hard three times as if on a door in front of you, quite firmly. You will see the LED ring start to change colours indicating the preheat is happening

How do I cancel the pre-heat mid way through the cycle?

If you puff once during the pre-heat cycle it will cancel it

Not producing enough vapour?

Set the device to the maximum temp setting which is “Bright Green” on the LED indicator. You can cycle to this colour by toking twice to change colour. The colour after the dark blue is the highest voltage setting. 4.2v. Red is the lowest power setting.

Overall, the CBS900 battery is a great choice for those looking for a fun, effective and convenient vaping experience. The shaking and preheating function is a unique and innovative way to obtain a non-clogging vape cart usage. 5 different output voltages allow you to set a voltage that is more suitable for you according to your preferences. The 900mAh battery and Type-C charging port provide a long-lasting and convenient vaping experience, and the sleek and bag friendly low-profile design makes it perfect for taking anywhere.

If you are looking for a new vaping battery, the hidden DOTECO CBS900 battery is a good choice. It’s fun, effective, convenient and stylish.

Additional information

Weight 0.08 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 3 cm

Cyan, Rose Red, Black, Green, Yellow

3 reviews for CBS900 Battery

  1. Tall Dude

    More like four and a half with the half deducted because I occasionally find I’ve turned it off with three puffs.

    This is a fantastic little stealth vape for taking out and about. I needed something with a more powerful battery than a stick vape and saw this on sale. It has no problem dealing with thicker oils on the middle setting and on the higher setting it absolutely blasted through the remains of a cart that my previous battery was struggling.

    The enclosure feels good in the hand, the draw is excellent even with half gram carts, and the colour choices mean it’s unlikely to get a second glance.

  2. A. Toker

    Great product, Fantastic service, received within 36hrs of ordering. Works well. Think this is the only place in the UK with these devices. Never ordered from this website before, but will be ordering again. Dropped the device earlier onto a hard floor, whilst showing it off to someone. It still works fine, nice build quality

  3. Damiano Mandolini

    It’s a good device, perfect for the outside use, it’s sthealty, compact and lightweight and it keep your cart safe.
    Unfortunately it need a little bit of casual shaking to start the preheat, so I activate it even if I don’t want, but with a little bit of practice i always turn off the battery when I stop vaping.

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